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Welcome to the Holistic Veterans food security program

We'll be growing year-round vegetables on our 2-acre heirloom organic farm in Gilroy, Ca.

Seeds are already in the earth and we'll be planting much more in the months to come.

Become a member to get a say in what gets planted as well as to secure yourself an organic, highly nutritious source of food for the years ahead.


What we're growing will include:

Year Round

- kale

- perennial spinach

- squashes/pumpkins

- lettuces

- garlic

- onion

- turmeric

- ginger

- mushrooms

Warm Weather

- tomatoes

- melons

- cucumbers

- corn

- eggplant

- peas

- sunflower seeds

- sweet potatoes

- peppers

Cool Weather

- carrots

- radishes

- beets

- chard

- potatoes

- broccoli

- cauliflower

- celery

- leeks

Medicinal & Herbal

- calendula  

- chamomile

- echinacea

- comfrey

- lavender

- st johns wort

- rosemary

- sage

- chrysanthemum

- dill

- basil

- cilantro

- oregano

- thyme

Investment - $85/month and 8 hours of work on the farm per month

Family membership - $165/month and 8 hours of work per person

  • For every membership you'll get a monthly box of food (or two for the family membership) as well as connection with an amazing community of like-minded people working on a shared vision of regenerative agriculture

  • There are currently only 10 memberships available 

  • Monthly boxes of food are projected to be available by May 2021

  • Work projects to get the land ready for full production will be happening January-May 2021 and will include:

    • installing a water tank​ and spigots

    • laying water pipe

    • creating compost systems

    • building garden beds

    • sowing seeds and planting seedlings

    • inoculating wood chips and other materials with mushrooms

            When you become a member you'll be invited to join us for work parties on the farm.

For any questions about this program, please write Carrie at or call 408.375.8850

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