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Evolving Knowledge Healing

Release whatever you've been holding, 

and surrender fully into relief

Step into a session with Paul Damon and experience something you've never experienced before;

powerful release, facilitated by a unique mix of traditional and non-traditional modalities. 

These are spirit-led, intuitively guided sessions that expand well past traditional modalities and offer something deeply transformational and restorative.

Paul weaves together elements of massage, energy work, acupressure, and other modalities into these healing sessions, and every one is unique as he dances with the intuitive wisdom that comes. 


Working on your whole body and system, or drawn to specific areas of tension he works on these places until release occurs.

The main intention in these sessions is to support you in releasing whatever you've been carrying or weighing you down. Be ready to let go, whether that be physically, mentally, emotional, or spiritually. Tears are common, as well as the relief that follows. 

Paul, led by higher guidance and wisdom, moves right into the spots you are ready to heal, and through gathering and releasing energy, he helps you transform stagnate energy into freedom.

75 minutes - $100
"This work is powerful, sensual, artistic, and hard to define.
All I know is that it works."
- C.B.

Paul Damon has been perfecting his unique healing modality for the past few years. A navy veteran that found healing through holistic modalities, he now works to help others on their paths towards healing. 

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