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We are bringing in 40 dedicated team members to build this project from the ground up. The Alpha Team will be 34 people committing $75k each in order to secure the land and get operations going. Alpha members can stay with us on the land in geodesic domes for as long as they want. The Bravo Team will be 6 people paying $500 a month to keep operations going. Bravo members can stay with us once a month as well as at times of emergency. All 40 members will be:

- Dedicated, hard-working individuals committed to sustainable lifestyle practices 

- Good at following through

- Comfortable with direct communication

- Able to lead and follow

- Committed to self-discovery and on the path of awakening and developing consciousness

- Mostly sober, with minimal to no intoxicant use

Along with the investment, members must also have skills that are valuable to our community. We are specifically looking for:


- Doctors

- Dentists

- Permaculturalists

- Lawyers

- Artists/creatives/visionaries

- Builders

- Mechanics

- Musicians

- Communications experts

- Child care providers

- Teachers

- Biologists

- Electricians

- Solar electricians

- Vegetarian chefs

- Animal keepers – sp. goats, chickens

- Technology experts

- Film makers

- Holistic practitioners


We will be providing hands-on education for both veterans and non-veterans within our 14-day programs. These programs are specifically designed for educating for sustainable living, healing through holistic modalities, and learning important survival skills, while also providing opportunities for our greater community to participate and receive similar benefit. As a member, you will have access to the same resources as our program attendees, including year-round food, water, and shelter, both within and outside of the timeframes of the 14-day programs. While you are on the land, you will be required to work in various capacities suited to your abilities. This is an opportunity to work hard and create beautiful things together, sustaining all of us into the future.


You will have access to all Programs on the Citadel land:

1.     Food Program:

        o   Year-round organic farming, garden building, permaculture principles, food production 


2.   Nutrition and Cooking Program:

        o   Healthy, organic, vegetable-based cooking; gut health


3.     Sustainable Building Program:

        o   Various models of off-grid green buildings


4.     Holistic Healing Modalities Program:

        o   Yoga, meditation, breathwork, and other modalities


5.     Primitive Skills and Survival Program:

        o    Fire making, building survival shelter, working with a bow and arrow, etc.


6.    Self and Communal Protection Program:

       o    Various martial arts; strategic woodland and urban defense




The Alpha Team (members who will have access to geodesic domes and are allowed to live with us on the land) will provide:

1.     $75k upfront financial investment and

2.     Monthly work and/or money:

  •  Minimum 20 hours/week work on the land, or

  •  Minimum 8 hours/week work on the land + $200/month, or

  •  $480/month



The Bravo Team (members who are allowed to stay with us once a month and longer in times of emergency) will provide:

1.     $500 a month and

2.     Work in support of our programs while they are on the land

Required Resources:


All members will have on the land at all timesin a maximum of 2 plastic tubs with their name on both:

  • Two plastic tubs of this specific model:

  • Clothing for various weather conditions, including waterproof boots, rain coat, and cold weather clothing

  • Towels

  • Sleeping bag and pillow

  • Sleeping pad

  • Waterproof tent

  • Toiletries

  • 5 rolls of toilet paper

  • Mess kit, including plate, cup, and utensils

  • Flashlights

  • Soap

  • Magnesium Fire Starter

  • Straight blade knife and sheath

  • Hatchet 

  • LifeStraw

  • Respirator mask

  • 500 ft of paracord

  • Some basic vegetarian long-storage food essentials: i.e. canned beans, bags of rice, etc.

  • Portable chair

  • A small cooking setup is recommended although not required


All Members while on the land:

- agree to our conflict resolution process

- agree to the communal living spaces and kitchen being 100% vegetarian

- 5 minute showers and minimal other water use (water conservation)

- agree to having 1 vehicle per adult

- agree to park in designated locations only  

- agree to observe quiet zones and 9pm noise curfew 


If you are interested in being a member, please click here.
For more information about membership and the project as a whole, complete the application and we will reach out to you in a couple of days.
Thank you.
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